Jillian Michaels – Struggling With Slow Weight Loss

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If you are doing everything right and it’s still not working, check your hormones. Have your doctor recommend an Endocrinologist.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

If you are doing everything right and it’s still not working, check your hormones. Have your doctor recommend an Endocrinologist. Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses for “Jillian Michaels – Struggling With Slow Weight Loss”

  1. sk8er1384 says:

    Ok, what month are we in? *thinks for a second* MAY!! June? oh god…
    I love her!!

  2. iggam0306 says:

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  3. starrsel says:

    @centerstage707 i want to play the piano.

  4. centerstage707 says:

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  5. zeldaofarel says:

    I have hypothyroidism and I have a huge problem with loosing weight. Almost nothing is coming off. Now I went down to 1000kcal a day, belly dance for 90-180 minutes 3 times every week and it’s finally coming off. 1800kcal is a lot!

  6. 2Rosalina2000 says:

    she is soo sexy with those bust out abs damn im straight too but amazing

  7. LizzyBorden502 says:

    Pre-breast enhancement…

  8. vegiemusiclove says:

    ohhh my god. her hips. And abs. fuuuck

  9. Pinkin1211 says:

    amazing abs! Favorited!!

  10. mediblue9 says:

    any excuse to show those hips

  11. HealthOctave says:

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  12. perfect10gymnst says:

    When she’s shooting TBL she’s usually in top form, especially at the beginning of the season so her body’s looking great, particularly her abs. And when they’re not shooting the show I guess she’s really busy with other appearances and traveling or she’s not as on top of her fitness regime and they may not look the same as when she’s making the show. Yea so basically all she means is that her abs are rockin because she’s on camera for TBL.

  13. hotandfitbabe says:

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  14. hotandfitbabe says:

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  15. Jodeskis says:

    What does it mean to have shooting abs?

  16. JonnyFitnessNYC says:

    Jillian is the best! She is so right about hormones. Most people get too much estrogen in their system from unfermented soy and environmental estrogens (from tap water). Invest in a filter for your shower and your sink!

  17. repixa says:

    i rather watch her bend over then get off my couch ya baby

  18. englishgirl69 says:

    oof what a hot woman! gorgeous.. im straight but wow haha those abs r to kill for! xx

  19. mmevans80 says:

    ohhh..those abs! <3

  20. GiaMarieCarangi says:

    lol “We’re going HERE! Pink.” lol it was just too cute.

  21. tesswatchesnba says:

    Hot, no doubts!

  22. jadeathillys says:

    Hihihi, she`s one tiny lady!! And so lovable <3

  23. perfect10gymnst says:

    shooting abs, i love it! haha she is too funny i love this chick she cracks me up constatntly

  24. tholbert87 says:

    She just says ” Jillian- can you just flex your abs and let us see? It’s an inspiration”

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